We use Social Media and Social Giving Events to help Local Businesses and Non-Profits bring public awareness about their brand and cause.


Sign-up your non-profit and fill out your profile. This profile will be used by businesses in selecting the non-profits they want to work with. It's easy and it's FREE

Get Matched

We partner you with local businesses who will sponsor the Micro-Giving Events. You deal with us as a Single Point of Contact and we will partner you with local businesses.

Get Donations

Social Kudo promote the Micro-Giving events on Social Media and the business makes the Donations directly to you. All partners guarantee a minimum of $100.00 in donations.

For Non-Profits and Fundraisers

Join our Socialize program and we will match you with highly motivated businesses who want to help you out. Once you are in our database and approved, we will start working to find the perfect matches for your organization immediately. You will have minimal involvement, as we handle the entire process for you. We never take a percentage of any funds raised, nor will you ever pay us a cent. We are fully funded by the businesses we are partnering you with. You will have a single point of contact instead of managing multiple third party giving event relationships.

List your Non-Profit or Fundraiser for FREE

For Businesses

Each and every business can make a difference in their community. At Social Kudo, we will match you with a different Non-Profit once, or every month, that you can make a difference for. We will help your business grow by making people in your community talk about how you help others in need....talk about getting a great reputation! Our Micro-Fundraising Events are not meant to be large and extravagant, they are meant to be personal. To get started, give us a call at 1-800-971-8249 or email info@socialkudo.com

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